Hi my name is Chenoa
Thanks for stopping in! A huge goal of mine as a photographer is to do the best I can in all areas of my passion, to give you the best experience I can, and make new friends along the way. I hope to meet you and your family on this journey I'm on. I specialize in family photography I love fun family adventures. My sessions aren't your typical photo session, they are more of us just going out and having adventures together, exploring new areas, playing games, and just having fun. Check out my recent work, take a look around and feel free to ask any questions on the contact page. 
Some facts about myself; Ive been married for 14 years now to a crazy awesome man. We have two beautiful children. I love Jesus, my family, and my friends. I like traveling and seeing the world. I like all things Disney. I love plants, indoor, outdoor whatever they are beautiful and bring life and fresh air. I love singing everything- my favorite bands would have to be Relient K, Magic Giant, Matchbox 20, Emery, and Anberlin (can't pick just one). I really enjoy home projects, and painting just about everything. I like thrifting and making old things look new again. I like hot coffee year round, especially with friends. I love learning new things and I'm always down for an adventure. I'm learning to find joy in the little things and just love life. I honestly just love to have fun, and party. There's a lot more but I think that's plenty for now.

Top Photo Credit @mollymorganphotography 
Bottom Photo Credit @Lavelmariephotography
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